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Dr. Gerda Govine / G. Govine Consulting
Helping Organizations Move Beyond Diversity to Excellence and Sustainability

Dr. Govine will be pleased to discuss your needs for training or consulting:

Diversity and Inclusion - The empowering of individuals and teams of multiple backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures to include and work efficiently with everyone in their group, can be the key to the success of a project. More about Diversity and Inclusion

Sexual Harassment - An employee's charges of sexual harassment, coercion, unwelcome or inappropriate remarks or advances are never taken lightly. Dr. Govine helps to investigate, mediate and guide through the process. Get more details about Dr. Govine's sexual harassment training and consulting.

Employment Discrimination - This form of discrimination can involve a job candidate's belief that he or she was prevented from being hired, or an employee's charges of discrimination at work, based on the individual's race, religion ethnicity, gender, age, mental or physical disability. Don't try to maneuver this maze alone. Dr. Govine is an expert witness and litigation consultant. Learn more about employment discrimination.

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